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The Kingdom of Neptune of Ischia Island


The Kingdom of Neptune of Ischia Island

Since 2007 the sea around Ischia is part of the marine protected area called "the Kingdom of Neptune".

The marine protected area "Regno di Nettuno", which extends between the islands of Ischia, Procida and Vivara, is rich of a thousand beauties that we are going to tell you.

But before going into the story, we show here a useful map of the marine protected area of the Kingdom of Neptune, and following we give you a short description of the related areas.

  • AREA A RED COLOR. This is an "Integral Reserve" where is allowed only the transit of authorized vehicles for rescue.
  • AREA B BROWN COLOR. These are also called "no-take" areas. These two areas have a "Special General Protection" where is allowed only underwater diving and there is an absolute ban on fishing.
  • AREA B YELLOW COLOR. This is the case of a "General Protection" zone where fishing, aquatic and nautical activities are allowed with appropriate regulations.
  • AREA C BLUE COLOR. This area of the sea is regulated by a "Partial Reserve", there are allowed the activities of access and mooring of boats, sport fishing, in addition to all the activities allowed in the areas A and B.
  • AREA D COLOR GREEN. The area coincides with the Cuma Canyon. It is an extraordinary area due to the presence of various cetaceans and 3 species of dolphins. 
    In the area are allowed within the limits of reason and nature, the activities listed in the previous areas and professional fishing.


At the end of the article, we will add links for the original map and pdf maps.

Let's discover together the beauties of the above areas.

#1 Savaglia Savaglia - the false Black Coral.

Generally known as gold coral, it is a species of colonial false black coral.
It is a hexacoral that vaguely recalls the common gorgonians but differs in the shape and size of the polyps.
In the Mediterranean, there are only a few species and they are difficult to observe due to the depths they usually live.
It is possible to see the gold coral in Sant'Angelo around the tower. For admire it we suggest you to organize a diving excursion.

#2 Dolphins.

Three types of dolphin live in this area and are the bottlenose dolphin, the striped dolphin and the common dolphin.
These intelligent and lovely animals live in the Kingdom of Neptune during the whole year and it is possible to spot them during boat trips or while they play
with the waves chasing ferries and hydrofoils.
In addition, our sea is a transit and reproduction area for various whales, sperm whales and a few days ago a group of over 100 False killer whales has been sighted. Read the article by Pasquale Raicaldo on National Geographic.

#3 Aenaria.

Aenaria is considered an ancient Ischia.
The etymology of the ancient Roman city seems to be connected to a flourishing port activity for metal traffic from the Latin language "aenum", metal.
The small "Atlantis" kept under the sea of Ischia in the bay of Carta Romana, becomes year by year a bigger submerged archaeological park of incredible beauty. Guided tours are available on request to discover the site.
Several links are available at the end of the article for information.

#4 Posidonia.

The Posidonia Oceanica IS NOT AN ALGAE, it is rather an aquatic plant "seagrass" considered as the marine lung of our planet.
Its importance is vital for the survival of the rich biodiversity of our seas.
It is possible to find it like an underwater meadow and below we will reveal its connection with the famous phenomenon of "bubbles of Ischia".

#5 The Bubbles of Ischia.

"Bubbles of Ischia" are submarine fumaroles called Bubbles by Fishermen to explain the leakage of CO2 from the subsoil.
This phenomenon, in other parts of the world, is seriously damaging the surrounding ecosystem because it alters the marine pH causing 
the decrease of over 50% of the biodiversity of the area.
But this does not happen in Ischia! In fact, this spectacular phenomenon of our sea is contrasted by the abundant emission of
Oxygen by the Posidonia meadows which leaves the submarine ecosystem unaltered.

In Ischia, you can admire "the bubbles" and unique biodiversity in the world.

We are waiting for you in Ischia to discover the thousand underwater beauties. 

Below are all the useful links for discovering the marine protected area of the kingdom of Neptune and for underwater excursions.

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