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Maronti Beach of ischia island


Maronti Beach of ischia island

The Maronti beach is located a short walk from the Romantica Resort & Spa and it is the longest beach on the island. It is 3 km long and composed of grainy sand.
On the beach there are many restaurants, bathing establishments and unique attractions that we will tell below.
There we have two bathing establishments with restaurants that have an agreement with our hotel.
Showing the bracelet Romantica you can take advantage of preferential rates than the official ones are available at the reception.

Ph: Maronti Brach by Alessia Peraro for Romantica Resort & Spa


It is one of the most photographed bays of Ischia. Both from the east and west side offers magnificent views thanks to the unique morphology.
With its huge turquoise bay and the green mountain behind it is the ideal place to practice water sports (windsurfing, wakeboarding, canoeing, SUP, surfing, etc..) or enjoy long swims considering that the sea becomes immediately deep after a few meters from the beach. 
This beach is never really crowded, even in the most touristy periods. 


Le Fumarole

The Fumaroles is one of the most famous volcanic phenomena of the island. 

The fumaroles are located at the beginning of Maronti beach, on the Sant'Angelo side, and are the result of an incredible geothermal activity of the subsoil coming from the stratum below the village. Here the thermal water reaches the highest temperature of the island, touching even the 100 ° C temperature. The phenomenon is visible thanks to the abundant steam that comes out of the sand where it is even possible to cook food in foil under the sand (chicken, potatoes, lasagna, etc..) The high-temperature zone is delimited to avoid unpleasant accidents.
It is advisable to wear sea clothing and to pay attention to the signs and not to cross the fences.

Ph: Le Fumarole by Alessia Peraro for Romantica Resort & Spa


Ancient thermal baths of the island of Ischia, they are known since the Greek era then enhanced at the time of the Romans who discovered the incredible therapeutic benefits of these waters. These baths carved into the tuff are open to visitors who can appreciate the authentic spirit and take a dip in antiquity. Beachwear is recommended.

Ph: Cavascura Ph: Enzo Rando

Olmitello Spring

It is a natural water source mentioned in his books by the Greek author Cassio Dione Cocceiano as "water with miraculous properties".
The olmitello is the continuation of the source of Nitrodi whose water during the journey is enriched by various minerals for which it is harder taste and diuretic power. The water flows directly from the tufa rocky wall and wetting your hands you feel an immediate and natural smoothing of the skin. 
For the route is recommended to wear a bathing suit and sneakers.


Ph:Sant'Angelo by Alessia Peraro for Romantica Resort & Spa

The Maronti beach is reachable from: 

Sant'Angelo sia via mare che via terra. 

By sea:

Through the taxi boat service of the Sant'Angelo cooperative paying € 4.00 per person each way. So you can comfortably reach the beach from the small port of the village of Sant'Angelo and enjoy one of the most authentic experiences of ischia island. You will have the opportunity to admire the village of Sant'Angelo and the Maronti Beach from a unique perspective and take wonderful photos. You will be able to ask for the stop of the boat service in several points of the beach. Ask the boatman the point you wish to reach and he will guide you to your destination. 



By land:

walking along the municipal road "Via Sant'Angelo" and then "Via Petrelle" you arrive at the beginning of the Maronti beach at Bagno Emanuela just near the Fumarole.
This is a narrow pedestrian street where only electric vehicles are allowed to pass. Those who do not want to walk can take the electric vehicles of Sant'Angelo.


driving along the provincial road with your own car (there are guarded parking lots available near the beach), with a cab or by bus (bus n. 5 departing from Ischia Porto). 


Ph: Bagno Emanuela Ph: Antonello De Rosa 

  • BAGNO EMANUELA. It is located a few meters from the fumaroles and it is an establishment where you can also enjoy a restaurant of excellent quality where on request you can have the famous chicken baked with potatoes cooked in the sand by the legendary Mr. Sergio and his staff. 
    We suggest you to taste also the other delicacies cooked with this cooking method unique in the world and the excellent selection of Ischitan wines of the Restaurant. 

Ph: La Colobaia foto di Ph: Alessia Peraro for Romantica Resort & Spa

  • LA COLOMBAIA. It is a bathing establishment that is located right in the middle of the magnificent Maronti beach, a few steps from the source of Olmitello. This bathing place offers every comfort with the tranquility of a quiet and familiar atmosphere. At the restaurant you can enjoy delicious seafood and fish cooked with art and love in a beautiful landscape. The authentic kindness of the family that runs the Lido is the type of example of the incredible tradition of Ischia's hospitality and therefore perfectly in line with the standards of the Romantica Resort & Spa.
    La colombaia is part of Ischia siCura di Te progect which certifies the implementation of all safety standards required to avoid the covid-19 risks.
    Suggested dishes: Bruschetta, Linguine with mussels and clams, Rigatoni Pasta with Eggplant with Cherry Tomatoes and Mozzarella Cheese, Genovese Pasta (with beef and onions), grilled fresh fish. 
    Drinks: house wine (delicious Biancolella) and the legendary Sgroppino (lemon sorbet with vodka).

Ph: La colombaia by Alessia Peraro for Romantica Resort & Spa





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