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Going for paths Ischia 2022

Ischia Island

Going for paths Ischia 2022



The best way to discover Ischia is by foot. 


You will admire an incredible spectacle where the landscape changes step by step.. 


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Among the many activities available in Ischia, hiking is probably the least famous but certainly the most surprising. 

Ischia is known as the green island for its lush nature that changes scenery in a few meters giving unique emotions to tourists and locals. 

The event, promoted by the Pro Loco Panza, aims to promote and enhance the rural identity and the natural wealth of the island. The itineraries are always escorted by expert guides and specialized Aigae that will tell with enthusiasm the history, fauna and flora of the paths. 

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The two bays path

Starting from Panza you will walk towards the promontory of Capo Negro from which you will enjoy a magnificent view of the bays of Sorgeto and Pelara. You will cross a tight forest until you reach the Pelara bay, a precious and historical geostat of the island of Ischia. After a stop to taste typical products, you will continue to Sorgeto bay for a thermal bath in the natural marine pools of Ischia.

Piano Liguori path

Starting from the Church of the Annunziata of Sant'Antuono in Ischia, you will walk towards the Torre di Mezzo passing through the semi-abandoned village of Piano Liguori, until you will reach the Sgarrupata bay where you will taste Ischia's typical products Then, you will continue towards Campagnano, skirting the village of Ischia Ponte and the enchanting bay of Cartaromana.


The path of the San Nicola Hermitage on the Epomeo Mount

Starting from Serrara, you will walk along via Calimera towards Pietra dell'Acqua. After a panoramic stop on Mount Epomeo, you will pass through the historic hermitage of San Nicola arriving in a typical Ischian winery to taste typical products, Ischian wine with the entertainment of Neapolitan music.

The Buttavento path

Starting from Casamicciola Cretaio area, you will walk through a forest of chestnut trees, up to the top of Trippodi Mountain and then continue towards Piano San Paolo, an ancient fossil beach. You will continue towards the panoramic belvedere of Buttavento and then descend into the Cannavale valley, stopping for a Ischia tasting (biodynamic wine and typical products). The route will end in Cava Bianca, from which you will go back home.

Pizzi Bianchi path

Starting from Serrara you will walk along an ancient mule path, the current via Iesca. You will reach the Cavascura valley towards the northern part of Serrara Fontana.
From here you will see the enchanting scenery of Pizzi Bianchi, you will feel like being in Cappadocia thanks to the high pinnacles of white tuff, artfully shaped by wind and rain. You will continue to the Village of Noja to finish with a tasting of local products and enjoying the entertainment of Neapolitan music by Aniello.

The path of the Stone Houses

Starting from Bracconiere Restaurant in Serrara Fontana you will walk towards Frassitelli through oak forests until you reach a breathtaking viewpoint from which to admire Forio from the top. You will continue towards the Falanga Wood, where it will be possible to visit the "Stone Houses" memory of the ancient culture of wine cultivation. You will reach Santa Maria al Monte, to visit the homonymous church and move not far for a typical tasting of Ischia.

The Pirates' path

Starting from the square of Serrara, you will walk along the ancient path of Madonnella which connected the mountain village of Serrara to the fishing village of Sant'Angelo.
The landscape between abandoned vineyards and fields still in use, will lead to the heart of the most beautiful village of the island: Sant'Angelo.
You will continue to Succhivo, where before ending the journey you will enjoy a typical tasting in a winery.

The path of the sleeping volcanoes and the Maddalena forest.

Starting from Casamicciola, Monte Rotaro, you will walk through the ancient craters of the island of Ischia. You will go down towards Fondo d'Oglio arriving at the the center of a volcanic crater now extinct for thousands of years. At its center there is a "magic" tree, many legends tell fantastic stories about it. Then, you will go up to the Maddalena, to enjoy the panorama of the port of Ischia and the Neapolitan coast. You will finish at Montagnone before enjoying a typical Ischian tasting.

The path of Frassitelli at sunset time

Starting from the Bracconiere Restaurant in Serrara Fontana you will walk towards the black locust forest of Frassitelli at the end of which you will enjoy the breathtaking view at sunset over Forio. Continuing in the Falanga Woods, you will visit the "Stone Houses" and walking along an ancient mule track, you will return back to finish the path with a typical tasting at the Frassitelli Estate of the famous Casa D'Ambra.

Bocca di Tifeo and the Donna Rachele Fumaroles path

Starting from Panza, you will walk on via Montecorvo to the area of Pietra Brox (a huge block of tufa detached agcenturies o from the Epomeo Mount). You will continue towards the famous "Bocca di Tifeo", fumarolic mouth that emits water vapor at about 115°. From there you will admire the Citara bay before a stop to taste typical products of the island of Ischia.

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You can bay tickets on the website Pro Loco Panza or at the info point located in Panza Pizza San Leonardo di Panza.
For further information:
E-mail: info@prolocopanzaischia.it
Phone +39 081 908436
Mob. +39 3345787963 - +39 3496125250 - +39 3385015970



We recommend you to wear comfortable clothing, sneakers or hiking shoes and bring  with you a windproof jacket / kway
and spare clothing. Always bring a hat and sunglasses as well as a minimum of 1.5 liters of water.
We remind you to always carry a mask (mandatory) as required by law.

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