Personal Trainer

Enjoying a Romantica Experience means taking care of your body, and what better time is there than a wellness holiday to begin professional training? Our Personal Trainers will draw up a training schedule for you based on the goals you would like to achieve and your psycho-physical ability. They will guide you through the workout and help you set up a schedule that you can continue after you have returned home.

Fitness Corner

The TechnoGym™ Fitness Corner is located inside the Thermal Park and it provides athletes with a unique view of the Ischian Sea. Remember to always use the sports equipment in compliance with the rules posted on site and during the indicated times. Access to and use of the equipment is not permitted for children under the age of 16. The presence of a parent is preferable for minors.


A Park Hotel & Terme Romantica holiday is a wellness holiday. We offer daily sports activity (not including Sunday) of about 25 minutes of exercise movements in cooled Thermal Water. The lesson combines physical activity, done in the water, the inhalation of Ischian Water Thermal Vapour and the direct action on the skin of the water itself for total physical regeneration. We recommend the free doctor's visit or consultation with the instructor prior to the activity. Clothing required: bathing suit and bathing cap.


Enjoying a Romantica Experience means practising activities that can produce psycho-physical wellness.We offer a Romantica Yoga session daily (not including Sunday) of about 25 min. at the Sinfonia Pool so that you can fully enjoy Romantica Relaxation. We recommend the free doctor's visit prior to any activity. Clothing required: gym wear.Tennis


At the Park Hotel & Terme Romantica we love sports, obviously including the most noble of them. Organise your tennis matches and tournaments on our artificial turf court. We guarantee you a breathtaking view of the Sant’Angelo see and certain fun. To use the court free of charge, once you have arrived at the hotel go to reception where you can book the court. We also have racquets and balls available.

Five-a-side football

Organise your five-a-side football matches or tournaments at Park Hotel & Terme Romantica and have fun with your friends playing on artificial turf in the most exclusive location on the Isle of Ischia. To use the facilities free of charge, simply book with reception and pick up footballs and scrimmage jerseys.


Enjoy a Romantica Sport Experience. Organise your volleyball matches with Romantica friends or organise your tournaments here. We provide you with an exclusive location with a view over the village of Sant’Angelo and the Cava Grado Bay. Come to reception to book your court. Professional volleyballs are available.


What better way to end a Romantica day than a game of bocce surrounded by lush green? Enjoy the relaxation of our Romantica Gardens as you study your game. We have two red clay courts. The Romantica staff periodically organises couples tournaments. Play with us!

Mountain Bike

Enjoying the Romantica Experience means discovering Ischia and, if you are in form, the best way to enjoy the Island's breathtaking scenery is astride a mountain bike! They are always available to our guests without the need to book or reserve.

Ping Pong

Ping-pong, or table tennis, is one of the recreational activities that Park Hotel & Terme Romantica offers. It is fun for all ages and can be played one-on-one or in pairs. The Romantica Staff often organises tournaments so you can relax in the lush green of our gardens and enjoy a Romantica Sport Experience. Just reserve at reception and pick up the paddles and balls.


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