A great success: at the Park Hotel & Terme Romantica the research after the culinary tradition of our territory has been steadily carried out with passion and expertise. Thanks to our rich history the cooking art still shows its solid creativity as well as its balance, so appreciated all over the world. As for each branch of creativity also gastronomy develops in time by absorbing new tastes and trends and enriching itself of new ingredients; as a result, it succeeds in giving new smells and revising the ones already known. So, many important recipes of the local and regional food tradition enjoy the Fusion restyling, a new gastronomy tendency that binds tradition with nouvelle cuisine. Furthermore, a careful research for high quality ingredients makes these recipes absolutely tasteful while ensuring excellent nutritional characteristics, thanks also to the skill of our chef Francesco Mattera, president of the Associazione Cuochi dell'Isola d'Ischia (Chefs Association of the Ischia Island) whom was conferred the title of Collegium Cocorum on. Having also a significant value from an historical point of view, this title characterised in the ancient Rome the Emperor's Chef.

Italian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated cuisines in the world thanks to its richness and variety that was steadily influenced over the centuries by contributions from successive populations coming to our land including Greeks, Etruscans, Arabs, Normans, Austrians, Spaniards. These cultural inputs together with the influence of our diverse environment and climate as well as our geopolitical history have led to typical regional varieties. In summary, the distinguishing marks of Italian cuisine, including the great regional varieties, are founded upon the distinctive Mediterranean foods and styles of eating. Over the last years the interest for gastronomy and enology has significantly increased; as a result numerous associations are re-discovering and safeguarding the Italian regional traditions (for example Slow Food and the Accademia Italiana della Cucina [Italian Academy of Cuisine).
Many believe that, thanks to a mostly vegetarian nutrition with a low level of fats and animal proteins, it is possible to prevent the most common health conditions of the industrialised world as well as to enjoy a general psycho-physical wellbeing. Among the most important vegetarian food there are cereals, vegetables, pulses, olive oil and fruit. Nowadays such nutrition principles are also known as “natural diet”, i.e. the same concepts of the Mediterranean diet. Those who prefer this philosophy are welcome at the Romantica Hotel: to this purpose we are pleased to offer at every meal several vegetarian dishes.
We are proud to guarantee a safe and high quality diet also for those who suffer from gluten intolerance. From the breakfast up to the desserts we exclusively use gluten-free ingredients for our celiac friends. Our food & beverage managers as well as our staff steadily update their expertise by means of the Celiac National Association and the regional web sites in order to offer our Guests an avant-garde and safe service. We are taking care of your health in the most tasty way!
Many guests recall the Belvedere Restaurant over several decades, savouring again the delicious meals, Gala Dinners and special events. Nevertheless, this restaurant retains its youthfulness thanks to the very recent renovations, which have transformed it into a Virtual Garden, where lighting is gently spread by chandeliers of white lilies. The atmosphere in the restaurant is further enhanced by the indirect sunlight that gently floods through the numerous windows overlooking the sea, the coast and the horizon.Welcoming you to the main lunch or dinner which are served at the table is the Buffet Room. It is located at the entrance to the Restaurant, offering our Guests tasty appetizer, vegetables as well as warm and cold starters. Among the many delicious specialities offered each day, we would like to highlight the option of two vegetarian dishes available at each meal. Our certified celiac-friendly gastronomy also offers the chance to enjoy gluten-free courses.Guests may use our Romantica Table Reservation which is a popular feature among our repeating guests, who frequently arrange for a specific table in the Belvedere Restaurant, obviously with sea view…The Belvedere Restaurant is frequently the location of wedding receptions, each designed according to the wishes of the guests but all sharing the excellence of Romantica Banqueting.The atmosphere of the Belvedere Restaurant is significantly enhanced by a design without the impediments of architectural support largely due to the second entrance without steps
Its choice location at the entrance of the Romantica Thermal Park makes it particularly popular for many events: from receptions to Gala Dinners, from meetings to promotions and music eveningsThe Eden Restaurant is a place of impressive fascination because of its splendid view of the Thermal Park and the crystal sea water of Sant’Angelo, as well as its luxuriant vegetation, terraces and the Etna swimming pool.The special atmosphere on the occasion of the Gala Dinner, includes our unique candle-light dinner served completely at the table and accompanied by live folk music. Guests experience the pleasure of tasting delicious specialities prepared with high quality ingredients and served with the usual courtesy and skill by our staff. Furthermore, thanks to its century-old renowned wine tradition, Ischia enables us to offer a most appealing Wine List including a wide selection of Italian and international wines.
Consistently appreciated by most of our Guests, the Restaurant à la Carte offers a higher flexibility in terms of time as it is possible to savour many meat and fish specialities in a relaxed meal. Its Menu boasts a series of well-known dishes of local tradition to which are added special daily features based upon the local catch and fresh products available at the market.A Menu boasts a series of well-known dishes of local tradition to which are added special daily features based upon the local catch and fresh products available at the market.The breathtaking view from our panorama terrace, provides a magic setting for enjoying your chosen meal that is prepared on demand. The meal is more delicious because of the natural fresh beauty and the light breeze blowing on the Romantica Hill.
The Pool Bar basks in the sun, surrounded by the wide and impressive Concerto Pool and the well-equipped sun terraces where one can meet even the most pressing tan need. A large terrace, steadily embraced by a pleasant breeze, overlooks the whole Gulf and offers a view of incomparable beauty: a really relaxing atmosphere to savour the most refined cocktails as well as fresh soft drinks and tasty à la Carte specialities. The amusing live music evenings mostly take place here: these wide terraces surrounding the Pool Bar magnificently frame the refined piano bar atmosphere and tempt to dance and to make friends with other guests
The more private Lounge Bar is the ideal place during the rare rainy days. The whole range of cocktails and hot and cold soft drinks are obviously available here, where the after-dinner entertainment is performed in spring and autumn. An Alexander cocktail, a Piña Colada, a Gin Tonic, a Rum Swizzle, a flûte of Champagne or Sparkling Win: the ideal drink for everyone, thanks to a List able to meet even the most demanding request.
AYour best ally during the hottest summer days. A special attention is dedicated to the most healthy drinks with shaked fruit and vegetables, hot and fresh herb teas, isotonic drinks, particularly useful after a thermal bath, a long-lasting sun exposure or a fitness session in the close Fitness Corner TechnoGym™ .

Italian and Campania Regional Cuisine

At Park Hotel & Terme Romantica we seek to enhance Made in Italy Flavours. We offer recipes from Ischia, Campania and various regions of Italy. Looking after your body and mind means following a complete and balanced diet both in terms of nutrition and taste. We promote the Mediterranean diet that meets these requirements perfectly.

Vegetarian Cuisine

Vegetarian Cuisine has grown significantly in recent years. It is widely believed that following a diet rich in vegetarian foods such as olive oil, grains, legumes and greens and low in animal fats can contribute to preventing diseases commonly found in industrialised countries. At Romantica we respect and encourage those who have embraced the Vegetarian Diet which stimulates health, offering themed dishes both at lunch and dinner.

Celiac Friendly (Gluten-free) Cuisine

Come and enjoy your Romantica Experience even if you are gluten intolerant. Our kitchen is ready to provide you with safe and delicious dishes that accommodate your intolerance. We use the Food Handbook, the National Association and regional sites to stay constantly up-to-date in order to provide the best possible service for our guests.

Belvedere Restaurant

A dream location, situated in the central body and fully climate controlled, it can seat up to 300 people. Renovated by our dear friend and architect, Cesare Longo, it is set up like a Virtual Garden.

Its strong point is the natural lighting from the large windows overlooking the sea that provide a unique view of the Ischian horizon.

An elegant location for Special Events, Gala Dinners, delicious lunches and dinners.

The Belvedere Restaurant is a location that is also suitable for heavily personalised wedding banquets handled by Romantica Banqueting.

Eden Restaurant

This is the location where breakfast is served, from which you can enjoy the view of the Sant'Angelo sea and begin to think about your first dip in the Romantica Thermal Park. Ideal for unique events: from receptions to candlelight Gala Dinners, from Inspirational Meetings and musical events.

Carpicci Restaurant

À la Carte Service

This is the Romantica Restaurant where you can taste Traditional Ischian and Italian Surf and Turf specialities, served daily along with various dishes based on the catch of the day and fresh products purchased on the local market.

This is the location where you can taste the Romantica Experiences at flexible hours while enjoying the view overlooking the Village of Sant'Angelo.

You can make à la carte dinner or lunch reservations in advance
via E-mail at or by telephone at 081999216.

Pool Bar

This is the Park Hotel & Terme Romantica main bar where you can savour delicious cocktails and relax while enjoying the unique view of the Village of Sant'Angelo. Don't forget to try our famous Romantico Coffee.

Lounge Bar

This is the bar inside Park Hotel & Terme Romantica. The best place to while away your free time, ordering cocktails and enjoying a pleasant family atmosphere. This is the place where sporting events are shown (football matches, Formula 1 races) if scheduled.

Spa Cafè

A Romantic kiosk located at the Thermal Park where you can taste delicious fruit and the famous "La zingara" Ischian panino. The ideal place to rest during a day dedicated to Sun, Relaxation and Thermal Programmes.

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