Ecological Landscapes

Enjoying a Romantica Experience also means discovering the Isle of Ischia.

For the past several years we have offered our guests a weekly guided Romantica tour, usually on Thursday, but the day is subject to change based on the planned outing or the weather conditions. We consider it a great honour to be able to guide Romantica Guests in discovering the more obscure and certainly most spectacular side of Ischia.

We offer unique and beautiful outings, more or less demanding depending on the route, but in any case nothing that requires a particular fitness level. The tours last a ½ day, terrain difficulty is medium and they are 3.2 to 5 km long.We choose itineraries for you that combine wooded paths and cultural historic itineraries, always leaving space for breathtaking views of the Island.

Tour of the Village of Sant'Angelo

Among history and gossip, alleys and flowered stairs, the small houses of the fishermen stacked up against one another make up the most exclusive Mediterranean Village. Sant’Angelo is characterised by many pastel colours that adorn the houses, creating unforgettable postcard scenes. Sometimes we even manage to get the keys to the spectacular promontory of the Sant’Angelo tower so we can visit it all the way to the top and discover all of the periods that have characterised it.

Monte di Panza

An ancient path suitable for all, short and not very demanding, restored a few years ago thanks to the friends of the Panza Proloco, it provides some truly spectacular glimpses of Sant’Angelo, overlooking the Baia del Chiarito and Sorgeto. In just a few minutes we reach the centre of Panza and usually on the return trip to Romantica we travel on foot through the old narrow road with wide steps and the dirt road that goes through the beautiful Succhivo Vineyard.

Baia della Pelara

This is another ancient path that was restored a few years ago by Friends of the Panza Proloco. It can be reached easily from the Panza centre and the way there is downhill with an easier path to the wooden steps that lead to the sea. A Bay set between the Guardiola and the Monte di Panza, a unique geographical location because of the beauty of the pastel grey lava rocks that seem to be resting on the green and transparent sea of the bay. The return trip is a bit more demanding in the first two sections, but it is well worth the effort.

Fumarole, Cavascura, Iesca and Serrara

This is a stroll that takes half a day and in some points the difficulty level is quite high. We start on the road that runs alongside the San Michele Church and the ancient Sant’Angelo cemetery to then descend to Fumarole (fumarole phenomenon in the sand) on the Maronti beach. We then continue on to Cavascura, where we climb toward the old mule track until arriving at the Iesca location, where we will take a break in a small agritourism structure with a breathtaking view of the Ischian landscape. In the end, we go back up to the Serrara centre, continuing along the mule track. Once we reach the small square at the peak there will be time for a photo of the view overlooking Sant’Angelo and the southern coast. We will return to the hotel using the local bus.

Monte Epomeo

This is the highest peak on the Island and one of the highest of any of the Mediterranean islands. The route we recommend to reach the top is the one that starts in Serrara. Then, passing through the Bocche di Serra we follow the scenic trail for a bit before ascending to the left among arbutus, broom and dog rose bushes. The rocks that protrude are spectacular, true tuff green sculptures. We go by the Water Stone and a wide path that is steep and bumpy in sections. Then, after a section that passes through lush nature, we take the road that leads to Fontana, an old mule track that will take us to Eremo and the San Nicola Church. Finally we will arrive at the peak. From here you can enjoy a 360° view of Ischia. A unique view that even Alfonse Lamartine defined as impossible to reproduce. The various locations on the island, the Aragonese Castle, Vivara, Procida, the Pontine islands in the distance, Naples, Capri and the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast.


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