Beach & Sea

Enjoying a Romantica Experience also means discovering a new beach every day! There are many impressive beaches and bays along the entire Ischian coast, each with its particular morphology. Here are some attractive proposals that are close to our Resort and offer special fixed prices for our Guests.

Cava Grado

Free beach

The sand beach of Cava Grado, the closest to our Resort, can be reached by taking a stairway. It is located in a bay of tufaceous rocks and cliffs. Hot spontaneous springs gush out on its surface, thus warming the sea. Free shuttle service from and to the hotel is available.

St. Angelo

Free and Conventioned beach

The St. Angelo beach is located just a short stroll from the well-known “Piazzetta” and stretches along the right side of the isthmus leading to “La Torre”. Using our free shuttle service you can reach the beginning of the St. Angelo pedestrian zone of and in just a few minutes you can walk to this beach where special fixed prices are available.


Free and Conventioned beach

The Maronti beach, the widest anywhere on the whole island of Ischia, can be reached from St. Angelo on foot or, more conveniently, by taking one of the taxi boats. The famous “Fumarole” can also be found on its surface, a warm and beneficial breath from the earth where you can take a famous sand bath. This is also the place where some mouthwatering food can be cooked under the hot sand. Free shuttle service up to St. Angelo and back is available.


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