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Berbero Massage with Argan oil

I am a fan of relaxation massages and I've had various kinds all over the world. My favourite is the Berbero massage here at Park Hotel & Terme Romantica that is done according to the true tradition of the Tuareg people. I would recommend it to anyone in need of complete relaxation!


Velasmooth Antara Body

I've had various treatments at the Park Hotel & Terme Romantica spa and the one that left me the most satisfied is the Velasmooth, a device that combats cellulite in a non-invasive way, and the results are apparent even after just a few applications. I have drawn enormous benefits from it, thank you, Romantica.


Antara “lift”

I am definitely a woman obsessed with taking care of my face. Creams, lotions and various treatments are the best gift I can think of for beauty treatment. Here at Romantica I discovered a treatment with a lifting, but non-invasive effect. I recommend it to any woman or man interested in getting rid of a few of those extra wrinkles.


Specific Anti-Cellulite massage with mud and phytoextracts

I'm not a big expert on beauty treatments, but since I was here at this body treatment and regeneration centre, I decided to follow the advice of the Romantica staff and Doctor. After a check-up they recommended this type of treatment to reduce skin blemishes and the take advantage of all the properties of the Ischian Mud. The results were astonishing. You must try it!


Draining Massage

Both my wife and I have problems with water retention, so in order to “de-bloat” they recommended this treatment. We were very pleased with the results and we are returning home for a year where all we'll be able to think of is our next holiday to Romantica.

RaffaeleT. e SerenaF.

Leave the hustle and bustle behind and dedicate yourselves to yourselves. Enjoying a Romantica Experience will help you.

We'll make sure Relaxation is the key word. We will help you create a personalised treatment plan that models, based on your needs, the care to rediscover your body's true beauty with a balanced recipe that aims at prevention for your skin.

The high professionalism of our staff combines perfectly with the use of Thermal Products and top shelf raw materials in order to provide excellent and long-lasting results.

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